Contact Capturing: Contacts generated through any digital source can be captured automatically without human intervention instantly at any time of day or night Contact Assignment Contacts can be assigned both manual and automated as per the
organization requirements to the designated user

Contact Requirements: All the requirements of the contact are captured to enable to suggest the right solutions/product to the contact. The communication details of the contact along with images if any can also be captured.

Multiple Source of Inquiries: Inquiries generated though multiple sources and modes can be tracked and prioritized. The source history is tracked for every contact. Specific actions can be taken on such contacts.

Contact Status Management: Every Contact will have an unique status property wise to enable specific actions to be taken.

Tasks: Tasks can be assigned manually or automated or round robin. The nature of task in respect to department, the type of interaction whether inbound, outbound, meeting, site visit is mapped. The priority of the tasks can also be set to enable calling to the right contact at the right time. Each task will have a disposition based on the outcome of the interaction

Pipeline Management: Opportunity management with future pipeline management vs Actual Results achieved is available to measure effectiveness and efficiency of sales person. Lost and Won analysis can also be done. Mapping Property with Contact
Each Contact will be mapped and shortlisted to the property based on customer and product profiling. This saves times and money when speaking to prospective clients.

Contact Center or Dialer Management: SOT can be provided with and without a dialer with call recording facility. It can help you hear client interactions from any where.

Missed Calls: All missed call during or after office hours can be tracked thereby no customer loss at any time.

Disposition based Automated Communication: SOT can send automated disposition based personalized communication on real time basis for better customer engagement and experiences.

Customer Profile: Customer Profile data can be captured progressively over the lifecycle of the transaction

Bulk Assignment: Tasks can be assigned in bulk to any User Id.

Bulk Communication: Bulk Communication can be done through SOT Suite vide SMS, Whats App. Email through API integration.
There is no upload or download of any data . You can also filter the data and personalize the communication