Channel Partner Access: The channel partner can register himself and update his/her information. He can also upload also necessary documents for empanelment.

Channel Partner Approval: Channel Partner status can be approved or rejected based on the organization requirements. Once approved the channel partner can upload his client data for calling or fixing up site visits.

Channel Partner Access: The channel partner can access this module and get updated on his data, customers, invoices and payments real time. Each channel partner will have access to his/her own data only.

Channel Partner Master Data Management: Channel partner with all details including their staff can be managed and maintained in SOT. Details like specialization, payment details etc. can be tracked and used for effective channel partner management.

MIS & Reporting: System can generate on channel partner status, visits done and conversions. It will also help in reward and recognition programs.

Document Upload: Channel Partner can upload all the company/individual details without anyone’s intervention. The same can be viewed by the Developer team and check for data correctness and completion.

Contact Upload and Site Visit Status: The Channel Partner can get a real time status on the contacts given by him to the Developer like site visits status, tagging etc. The channel partner can also upload all his contacts without anyone intervention and schedule site visits. The entire lead to revenue cycle can be tracked.

Invoicing and Payments: Channel Partner will get automatic intimation on status of customer transactions and when the invoice can be raised. Standard invoice template as designed by the organization can be created and automatically sent to the Channel Partner. The Channel Partner will also get status on his/her payments once invoice has been raised and issued to the Developer.

Mass Communication: Mass Communication can be sent to Channel Partners and also their team members based on specialization and other criteria. Multiple modes of communication is also available.